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Pilates For Back Care

Classes run by a Chartered Physiotherapist
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About Us
Here you can find out all about myself Lyndsay Hirst and Pilates For Back Care.
Thank you for your interest in Pilates For Back Care. My name is Lyndsay Hirst (Was Webb) and I am a Chartered Physiotherapist. I work as a Senior Physiotherapist specialising in back conditions. I trained as a pilates instructor because there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest this type of exercise can help reduce back pain and prevent future episodes of pain.
The classes are not just for people with back conditions. Pilates helps to strengthen the core abdominal muscles, improve posture, flexibility and coordination. It can also help women to maintain the strength of their abdominal muscles pre and postnatal.

Company History
Pilates for Back Care has been running since early 2008. Running five classes a week, it has grown from strength to strength with people coming from all areas of the county to take part. Many are still coming from the first course due to the life changing effects it has had to their back related conditions.
We have just opened the areas first Physiotherapy practice with dedicated Pilates studio. This enables us to run more classes per week and carry out physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation in our own gym.
Customer testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
I broke my back last August and LUCKILY was still able to walk. I was told about this class from my manager who suffers with bad back, so I went along.
I have been going a few months now and I have loved every class. Lyndsay is clear in her instrucution and gives you easy/harder options so you can work to your own level. This has been particularly useful to me because some things I can do more than others.
I was really nervous about any movements I made before going to this class, but attending has changed my life. I know that I am being looked after with my injury taken into consideration, which has given me so much confidence to push myself a little further each time.
When I first started going, I had hardly any mobility in my back at all, but last week I did my first sit up!
Thank you very much Lyndsay.
I would highly recommend this class.
Jan, Wakefield

Since being a teenager I have suffered from intermittent back pain. After seeing doctors, having x-rays and seeing Chiropractors, there was no improvement.
Since doing Pilates once a week for the past year, I no longer have any pain and can feel a big difference in my posture. I would recommend it to anyone!
Adam, Leeds

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